Sydney’s newly acclaimed, rising Professional Flamenco dancer Lauren Majarrés is coming back to the Sydney performance scene with her latest show ‘Flamenco Intimo’.


Having been a part of the flamenco scene here in Sydney for over 15 years and surrounded by her Spanish roots, Lauren brings ‘Duende’ (soul) and ‘Arte’ (art) to the performance scene. Known for her impressive footwork and deep connection to the music, conveyed throughout her performances. 


‘Flamenco Intimo’ is definitely a show not to be missed and it is sure to live up to the expectations; fierce, powerful, intricate and high-speed footwork and a deep connection to the dance, demonstrated through delicate but powerful body movements. 


Accompanying Lauren are three highly regarded and renowned musicians here in the Sydney Flamenco community. On guitar will be Paco Lara (Jerez, Spain), Percussion will be played by Byron Mark (Sydney) and Zoe Velez on vocals (Sydney) as well as a special guest appearance from the incredible Flamenco dancer, Deya Miranda Giner. 



‘Tonante’ (Thundering)..a Flamenco music-art-dance exploration of the wetter side of nature, drawing on thunderstorms, lightning and voices that thunder.

Playing with Flamenco forms against a digital art background, experience this powerhouse Flamenco event featuring renowned guitarist Paco Lara (Jerez), exceptional dancers Tomás Arroquero (Melbourne), Emma Fernee (Adelaide), Lauren Majerrés and on percussion and piano - Byron Mark plus cante from Zoe Vélez.

There is thunder in silence, there is light in a dark sky. Which comes first? And what happens when nature takes it all away?

SAT 7 SEP @ 9.30pm
SUN 8 SEP @ 5.30pm




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